Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Product Details:

Comes in a black pouch with 1 Car Diffuser, as shown below, and 5 different coloured pads.

·         Magnetic open/close

·         Quality stainless steel, silver plated

·         Add essential oil(s) to the pads (5 pads incl)

·         Clip onto any car vent - plastic coated clip, no scratches, looks stylish!


  • Simple to use
  • Great to deodorise your car, especially if you have pets in the car
  • Nice way to relax and unwind while driving – try Sheer Bliss or Dolphin Clinic Lavender
  • Helps with travel sickness (Peppermint), colds (Decongestant), stress (Stress Less) etc. all while sitting in the car
  • Avoid artificial car “freshener” chemicals in your car



RRP $27.60


Car Diffuser

Enjoy aromatherapy benefits while you drive. Simple to use. Stylish. No artificial car fragrance chemicals.

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