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Chest Rub – a must for your winter first aid kit

Dolphin Clinic Chest Rub oil is the perfect addition for your winter first aid kit. Used to help relieve congestion, coughs, colds and minor bronchial conditions. Helps you breath easier at night!


Our chest rub contains a beautiful blend of pure essential oils;

•             Eucalyptus

•             Lavender

•             Peppermint

•             Camphor

•             Lemon

•             Cypress

Blended in pure Sweet Almond oil with added Vitamin E and Menthol.



•             Perfect for winter ills & chills to ease breathing

•             Safe for children over the age of 12 months

•             Not mineral based

•             Contains no harsh chemicals



New Ultra Sonic Essential Oil Diffusers

We have lovely new Ultra Sonic essential oil diffusers. See here for details.

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