Candida is a yeastlike fungus that is present in the mouth, intestines, esophagus, throat and genital tract. Under normal circumstances, it inhabits these areas and lives in balance with other bacteria and yeast in the body. However, certain conditions (pregnancy, oral contraceptives, antibiotics, immune deficiency, etc.) can cause it to multiply and trigger an infection in other areas of the body.

Suggested Treatment - click here for application techniques

Combine 10 drops of the essential oil(s) to 10mls carrier oil or milk and mix into the bath.  When the Candida has affected the vagina also combine 5 drops of essential oil(s) into 10mls carrier oil and massage lower abdominal and lower back area. For other treatment sugestions click here.


Please see our Safety With Oils Page and Product page for exact ingredients in each product recommended.

If you have chronic or unusually persistant Candida infections, consult your healthcare professional.

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