Our Commitment

Dolphin Clinic began 25 years ago as an aromatherapy treatment clinic. Although very successful it was soon realised the clinic was only reaching such a small portion of the population – what we wanted was home users to be able to enjoy the same high quality products that aromatherapy professionals have always used. So…. the retail range of Dolphin Clinic products was launched.

Today Dolphin Clinic no longer operates a massage clinic. Instead we supply our therapeutic grade essential oils, massage oils, bath oils, carrier and healing oils, and related aromatherapy products to retailers, clinics, and aromatherapy practitioners throughout New Zealand. We do not sell direct to the public, instead we focus on manufacturing quality products at the best possible price and supporting our retailers with sales and marketing material.

Dolphin Clinic pure essential oils have been carefully sourced from the very finest producing regions all around the world, and are pure, natural and unadulterated. We guarantee the quality of our oils and will always provide you with the very best quality products at the best possible price. As a small New Zealand company we are able to keep our prices relatively low by focusing on what matters – the quality of the oils.

Almost all of our products are based on the original recipes developed over 20 years ago. They have been tried and tested over the years by qualified Aromatherapists and by many home users. Efficacy is paramount and any products that did not provide the desired results on a regular basis were discontinued.