We frequently have customers phoning and writing to us expressing their appreciation for supplying such effective aromatherapy products at an affordable price.

It still feels really good to hear from people who have genuinely seen results from using Dolphin Clinic products. It could be as simple (yet important) as bathing in our oils to help reduce stress, or as significant as reducing debilitating arthritic pain.



I can move my fingers again. Thanks for giving me back my hands and feet!

When I contacted you my arthritis had got to the point that I was unable to open a jar of peanut butter or pick up my grandchildren. As a 58 year old this was hard to accept. I started using your Dolphin Clinic Pain Relief and other recommended essential oils before bed and when required throughout the day. The results were amazing. I am not cured but I can truly say I have received considerable pain relief and have gained joint mobility I never thought I would have again. I recommend anyone suffering from this terrible ailment try the Dolphin Clinic products.

Denise, 58, Retired



Thanks for giving me some sanity back again. The stress of my marriage break-up was too much for me.

The doctor prescribed sleeping tablets, anti-depressants, and antacids to “help me”. What a concoction of drugs. I wasn’t prepared to go down this track. When a friend gave me a bottle of Dolphin Clinic Tranquil Sleep to help me sleep I couldn’t believe how much it helped. Just a few drops on my pillow. Wow! I then tried the Stress Relief in a candle vaporiser and again felt the calm come over me each night when I put it on. I started off slowly not really thinking the oils could help my “condition”, but now I use Peppermint and Chamomile to help with my indigestion, the Lavender and/or Tranquil Sleep to help me rest, and I vaporise or bath in all sorts of lovely oils to help me relax and get things in perspective. If anyone else is going through a stressful time (and who doesn’t at some time in their lives I guess) I would recommend you try some of these lovely products.

Marianne, 38, Single Mother



I very rarely write to comment on anything but I was so impressed with this product I just wanted to write to express my thanks. I have suffered from cold sores all my life, and have tried everything you can imagine with varying degrees of success. After deciding the chemicals in most of these products was probably doing me more harm than good I thought I would give your products a try. The helpful staff at our local Health 2000 recommended I use Geranium. I was skeptical but gave it a go. The next day I could tell it was working and within 24hours it was really healing. I was so rapped. Thanks!

Brian, 38, Business Owner



My dry flaky legs are now smooth as silk (well almost!). I have started using your Skin Nourishment oil on my legs each morning when I get out of the shower. It is just lovely. It smells devine and all the base oils in it are so nourishing. I shave regularly and swim often so my skin can get really dry. This product is the best I have used. Thanks.

Joanne, 32, Nurse and Mother



Colds and kids seem to go hand in hand. With one kid at school and the other going to playcentre it is a constant struggle to keep ahead of the bugs. We started using your Decongestant blend in a vaporiser in both the kids rooms and could see the instant relief it provided them with their breathing. Now at the very first sign of a cold we vaporise it throughout the house and I also use your Chest Rub massage oil to help with their breathing and just because they seem to like it! Thanks I love your products, and trust them with the kids. Keep up the good work.

Trudy, 39, Mother