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Managing stress and anxiety should be a key part of your health regime. Dolphin Clinic “Stress Less” product is a unique blend of stress relieving pure essential oils, designed specifically to help you relax and manage your stress.  Use it as part of your relaxation routine and take a whiff of the benefits aromatherapy offers in this area!


There are many other options to help you manage your stress using essential oils, here are a few more. 

1. Essential oils in the bath. 

Use one of our Bath Oils direct in the bath: 10-20mls. Alternatively, if you are making your own bath blend use 8 drops of essential oil per 10mls carrier oil (or even milk) to ensure the essential oils are dispersed throughout the water.

Bathing is one of the easiest and most therapeutic ways to enjoy aromatherapy. The heat from the water releases the essential oil molecules as well as opening the pores on your skin so the oils are easily absorbed.

Aromatic baths can provide relief from stress and anxiety, assist with muscle pains, or offer a sensual introduction to a romantic evening with your partner. For a wonderfully relaxing experience at the end of a busy day choose from any of the relaxing oils such as Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender, or Sandalwood or try one of our essential oil blends Stress Less, Sheer Bliss, or Exotic. Alternatively, you can use oils in the morning to give you an invigorating start to the day such as Orange, Rosemary or Grapefruit or one of our essential oil blends Breath of Fresh Air, Clarifying and Stimulating. See our recipes page for more ideas of essential oil blends for the bath.

2. Massage. 

If making your own massage oil blend 5-10 drops of essential oil into 10mls carrier oil.

Or you can use one of our Massage & Body Oils or Luxury Massage Oils - these are already blended to a safe and effective level. Our Massage & Body Oils are 200mls and contain 1 or 2 different essential oils in an Almond and Vitamin E base. Our Luxury Massage Oils are 100mls and contain up to 7 different essential oils and 3-5 different carrier/healing oils. For example Pain Relief, Relaxation, Cellulite Toning, etc.

Massage is considered one of the most important methods of applying essential oils. The warmth and friction created during the massage ensure rapid absorption of the oils. It is used in most aromatherapy treatments when targeting a particular ailment. Depending on the essential oils chosen massage may have some of the following benefits;


  • Improves skin tone by removing dead skin cells and increasing blood circulation
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Strengthens immune system (a great reason to massage your children)
  • Aids the lymphatic system, improving the elimination of waste/toxins from the body
  • Relieves sore muscles and reduces swelling
  • Promotes faster healing of muscular injuries


  • Gives pleasure and promotes a feeling of well-being
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases our ability to cope with stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces depression

How To Perform a Massage

Anything is better than nothing. There are many different forms of massage. Use smooth even strokes, always massage towards the heart, use fingers and/or your entire palm – with gliding strokes, kneading, tapping, and circular friction movements.

3. My favorite because it is quick easy and effective - Direct Inhalation

Put 3 or 4 drops of essential oil onto a tissue or handkerchief and gently inhale. Alternatively, simply inhale directly from the bottle.

For instant relief, if you are suffering from a cold, asthma attack or hay fever or need a pick me up or improved concentration.


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