Pantry - Weevils Cleaner, Bench Spray
Pantry - Weevils Cleaner Uses:To deter weevils and/or mitesIngredients:10 drops Clove is ideal. Or Nutmeg or Peppermint. Or if pregnant use Lavender (after first trimester)10ml Vinegar10mls WaterApplication:First be sure to remove all infested items.  Put them well outside in a sealed bag. Mix together ingredients and spray to clean the surfaces in affected areas, get the spray into all crevices as this is where the eggs are likely to be. Soak a cotton ball with the essential oil(s) and place...
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Fragrance/Antiseptic Wash, Dust Mite Wash
Fragrance/Antiseptic Wash Uses:To make your clothes smell great and kill any germs add essential oils to your wash.Ingredients:Any oil(s) of your choice - e.g. Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Pine, etc... Avoid the heavy resinous oils e.g. rose, sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli, etc… as these may stain clothes.Application:Add 5-7 drops of the oil(s) to the softener compartment of your washing machine.   Dust Mite Wash Uses:To help eliminate dust mites from bedding (as disgusting as it sound dust mites often live in your...
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Bathroom Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner Uses:This antibacterial cleaner is suitable to use on the toilet, bath or shower. For tough stains use baking soda and vinegar with these essential oils.Ingredients:20 drops Lemon20 drops Grapefruit15 drops NZ Manuka100mls water1 tsp baking soda (optional)1 Tbl spoon vinegar (optional)Application:Shake well before each use. Ideally, mix in a spray bottle or pour onto surfaces and wipe. (Always test to ensure these oils won't damage your surfaces. I've tried this blend on most surfaces and never had any...
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All Purpose Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner, Mould Eliminator, Furniture Polish, Room Sprays, Vacuum
All Purpose Cleaner Uses:This powerful all natural cleaner is suitable to clean almost anything including kitchen surfaces, walls, appliances, etc.Ingredients:25 drops Lavender25 drops Rosemary100mls waterApplication:Shake well before each use. Ideally mix in a spray bottle or poor onto surfaces and wipe.Caution:Always test on small surface area first. If pregnant avoid Lavender in first trimester and Rosemary throughout entire pregnancy. Other safe oils to substitute are Lemon, Grapefruit, Lemongrass.   Mould Eliminator Uses:To remove mould and most importantly help prevent it...
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Mice, Cockroaches, Ants, Moths/Silverfish, Flies, Mosquitoes
Mice Uses:To discourage them entering your house.Ingredients:10 drops total of Spearmint and/or Peppermint10mls WaterApplication:Spray in strategic locations and/or soak cotton balls and place in trouble spots.   Cockroaches Uses:To discourage them entering your house.Ingredients:Peppermint and/or LemongrassApplication:Place on cotton balls at the back of cupboards, etc.. and/or spray in trouble spots (10 drops essential oil to 10mls water for spray mix).   Ants Uses:To help repel them back out of your house!Ingredients:Peppermint and/or SpearmintApplication:Smear a line across the floor on the...
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