Ticks, Hoof Rot, Wounds/Abscesses
Ticks Uses:To deter and get rid of ticksIngredients:LemongrassPeppermintCitronellaLavender for once tick is removedApplication:Add 20 drops of the above essential oil(s) to 50mls of water or 25mls water 25mls alcohol and spray the animal to deter ticks.If necessary apply Lavender to the area where the tick was to stop the infection.   Hoof Rot Uses:To help heal hoof rot by killing the bacteria.Ingredients:NZ Manuka10mls Calendula40mls Almond15 drops Lavender10 drops Chamomile5-7 drops ThymeApplication:The animal must be isolated as this can be highly...
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Sprains/Arthritis, Ear Infection, Fearful Horse, Ticks, Flies, Hoof Rot, Wounds/Abscesses
Sprains/Arthritis Uses:To rub onto any aching muscles/joints.Ingredients:10mls Arnica40mls Almond5 drops Lavender5 drops Juniper10 drops Rosemary(you can get away with only using 2 of the above essential oils - just keep the total number of drops to 20)Application:Massage regularly onto trouble spots. Don't use repetitively for more than 10 days. Stops for 2-3 days and then commence again. Or use our Pet Vet - Pain Relief Cooling Oil Liniment.   Ear Infection Uses:To help clear the deep wax out of the ear...
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Breath Deodoriser/Toothpaste, Eczema/Itching, Ticks/Fleas Wash, Ticks/Fleas Spray, Wounds/Abscesses, Sprains/Arthritis, Ear Infection, Fearful dog, Odour
Breath Deodoriser/Toothpaste Ingredients:2 Tablespoons Baking Soda1 drop Clove1 drop AniseedApplication:Mix this up and use as needed with cotton wool (rather than a toothbrush to avoid damaging the gums).  Dampen the cotton wool and dip it into the mixture and use on teeth.  Afterwards give the dog a drink of water.   Eczema/Itching Ingredients:2 Drops NZ Manuka2 Drops Chamomile1 tsp Almond or JojobaApplication:Massage into hairless or least hairy area of the skin, such as the armpit, groin or inner thigh, and...
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We do not recommend essential oils are used on cats.  Pure essential oil hydrosols/ aromatherapy waters can be used.Essential oils...
We do not recommend essential oils are used on cats.  Pure essential oil hydrosols/ aromatherapy waters can be used.Essential oils can be used to deter cats from your property and/or stop them scratching furniture. We recommend Lemongrass and/or Citronella are used. Spray around entrance to your house or onto furniture (spot check first to ensure no staining).
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General Pet care

Safety Tips - Animal Aromatherapy
See our Pet Vet Animal Range for ready to use animal products, or see below to make your own therapeutic animal remedies. Safety Tips - Animal Aromatherapy 1. Always dilute when using topically. Don’t assume the same dosage as for humans. Animals have a better sense of smell than humans. For example, humans have approximately 40-45 million scent receptors, dogs average 200 million! Also, take into account the size of the animal—generally smaller animals need less essential oils.2. Cats are highly...
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